Let’s Go Clubbing! – 22 Jan 2015

Greetings, intrepid scoundrels!

The session last night was an eventful one. The party successfully captured Bandin Dobah alive and claimed (most of) the bounty on his head, but not before battling with his shipmates and their Heavy Clubs o’ Limb Smashing. Fortunately the party managed to make it out alive, with barely any crippled limbs to show for it. Additionally, our friend the droid demonstrated enviable marksmanship in its ability to consistently shoot weapons from the hands of its foes.

Currently in the palace of Bargo the Hutt, the party is preparing to inspect the Oridium mines of Gavos, newly acquired by Bargo in a game of sabbac. That sentence triggered a *lot* of spell check warnings.

Bargos will allow the party access to his supply closet to gear themselves a little bit at no extra cost, with the consideration that this is a simple mine facility inspection and nothing too powerful is required. If there is any piece of kit you really want (and can justify), let me know before next session.

There’s a new email added to this list – welcome, Scott. Bargos the Hutt may be sending one of his “compatriots” along with the party to ensure compliance and honesty.

As always, let me know if there’s anything your characters would like to accomplish in the palace or in nearby locations on the planet of Sleheyron, and we can figure it out before next session. Group or individual emails always welcome.

Your loving, caring, kind-hearted GM.