T-Trex – 5 Feb 2015


Quiet session last night, mostly a wrap-up of the mine inspection. The party managed to clear the mine and stabilize the Storm Field Generators preventing total destruction. They quelled this local instance of the Droid Rights Movement’s violent insurrection, and captured a couple of the Singing Battledroids .

The party stole a YT-2400 cargo ship that was left sitting on Landing Pad B, and managed to depart the planet with both that and their YT-1300 The Encounter. The remaining 14 living sentient miners were split between the ships after being recalled by Bargos, and the 165,000c worth of credit chips was gathered as well.

All was not right aboard the YT-2400, though, as the party discovered when they awoke from a rest to the sound of klaxons and Gamorrean pig opera, and the stench of rotting meat. After some shipboard investigation, Gareth found a large smuggling hold behind the engine room of the YT-2400. It was here that they found a caged and weakened Twilek man, half-starved and missing a Lekku. He revealed to Gareth and Da-esha that he was captured following an attempt to defend his Ryloth ryll mines from what appeared to be Black Sun invaders. He attempted to convince the good doctor that her people could use some help, leaving the party with a choice to make about their next destination.

Some further conversation revealed his captor to be none other than Trexx, who owns this newly acquired ship. Considering that the hull-mounted transponder was firing for several hours before the klaxxons sounded, it’s possible that Trexx is aware of at least part of the party’s route. It is also safe to assume that he is pissed because stop stealing his ships, goddamnit.

In the galley of the new ship a small smuggling hold was found under the holochess table, containing six semi-tanned and partially rotten Wookiee pelts. Gross.

Hopefully next Wednesday continues to work for everyone, same time. If not, let me know and we’ll figure out another day.

There is opportunity for extra-game actions within the party’s current shipboard setting, if so desired.

In Which The Party Conducts a Totally Routine Mine Inspection… – 1 Feb 2015

…with no problems whatsoever.

When we last met, the party entered the Oridium Mine on Gavos to complete an inspection for Bargos the Hutt, and collect his first 100,000 credit cut of the profits. The party arrived to find a mining facility that at first glace appeared abandoned following a slaughter of some of the mine workers. The fact that some of these workers were served lunch posthumously is of no consequence.

The good news is that the party managed to recover 165,000 credits worth of credit chips. The bad news is everything else.

After discovering a group of droids in the mine entrance, Theed managed to place a restraining bolt upon EV the Supervisor droid, effectively shutting him down. Just prior to this engagement, however, EV managed to send a burst of comms traffic encoded with an Alert signal, as overhead by R0-81T. The worker and lifter droids in the mine entrance have set upon the party, with a probable backup party composed of black-market battle-droids en route.

As far as anyone knows, the miners are still trapped in the mine waystation roughly 1km into the tunels. Whether held by the droids themselves or by the Sulustani ship crew, though, is currently unknown. The intentions of the crew are also currently unknown (pirate, trader, smuggler?)

The storm field generator is being shut down, one generator at a time. There are currently two generators out, and earlier research reveals that only two or three more can fall before the entire storm field drops and exposes the mining complex to the incredibly hostile atmosphere of Gavos. We’re looking at electrical storms, acid rain, ammonia atmosphere, and extremely high winds.

No opportunity for extra-game actions this week, as the party is currently in the midst of combat.

Assuming group availability, game will resume at the usual time of Wednesday evening at 6:30.

As usual, feel free to send me any questions that you may have!