Poison Everything and Win a Race – 26 March 2015

Greetings, Party Bus!

The last session concluded Act 1 of The Jewel of Yavin, with the party winning the Cloud City Grand Prix and securing an invitation (pilots + 2 others) to the Jewel of Yavin Auction.

Theed met with Merl and Pearl Terll and convinced Merl to come out of retirement for one last glorious race. On the promise of 5000 credits base pay upgraded to 20,000 credits upon placing 1st, Merl and Pearl agreed.

With Merl piloting and Theed sitting in as copilot/gunner, the party’s cloud car took off to an early lead around the extremely dangerous course. Having previously sabotaged the Hutt-sponsored vehicle, and then poisoned the MandalMotors team and added a poison aerosol to the air filters of Team Rayzer, the party managed to hang on to their lead without too much trouble. Although their car did take some significant damage, it was nothing compared to the four cars that were destroyed during the race.

Returning triumphantly to cloud city and onto the winner’s podium, Merl Terl and Theed were captured on a huge amount of photo and holovid devices after being mobbed by congratulatory fans.

As for the prize: The invitation to the Figg & Associates Gala was given to Merl and Theed, each with a +2 to bring along guests.  The prize money of 30,000 credits has been promised by the Grand Prix administration, and will be delivered within the week once the appropriate paperwork has been completed.
Prior to the race, the party did some final prep work before the big race and auction, as follows:

1. R0-81T learned about Lobot’s daily schedule, concluding that he should be resting in his quarters between 12-3am on the night of the auction. It also learned the schedule of the mobile banking droids, one of which will likely be needed to slice into the bank following the auction. An astrogation droid was hired via its owner to assist in this slice.

2. Da’Echa secured her place as one of the Cloud City Catering staff for the night of the auction by poisoning one of the regular staff and being called out of “reserve”.

3. Gareth attempted to prepare the wind chute for his descent prior to breaking into the auction house. While he did secure some equipment at the site of the auction house garbage chute (and some floors below), guards standing outside one of the access hatches heard him clanging around and shone their lights in to investigate. He quickly killed the guards by throwing one of Da’Echa’s special poison gas grenades through the access hatch after it was opened by a guard, but not before the alarm was sounded. One or two other poor souls were incapacitated by the gas grenade as well.

As a secondary news story (the Grand Prix is in the spotlight, of course), police bulletins have been issued for a humanoid male of non-specific description following the “Unprovoked Gas Attack” against Cloud City Wing Guard troops on the upper levels of the station. In addition to the two soldiers killed, two civilians were critically wounded in the attack, though names have not yet been released. The news broadcasters have informed the public not to fear, as additional security measures are being put into place to avoid such attacks from happening again.

What’s Next? Act II!
The next session will kick off with any preparation the party can complete within two hours prior to the Gala starting. After that the shindig will begin and it will be up to the group to raise the rid on the Jewel of Yavin to maximize their own profit once the payment is stolen. The party will then need to find out a way to slice the bank servers for the cash and steal the jewel itself, and make their egress.

Merl will also be expecting payment for his participation in the race.
Extra-game actions are limited only to whatever can be done within the two hours between the race and the gala, though I’m happy to take any other questions.

Your fortunately-not-yet-poisoned GM

Get Your Heist On – 19 Mar 2015


Our session yesterday was a reasonably quiet one (no trains exploded), but very productive. The party managed to deliver Ganko to Fixer, though instead of explaining the situation they opted to knock him out and then pack him into a crate for transport.

The stolen ships were traded for a brand new YT-2000 with options. Ligo of Ligo’s Interstellar Emporium drives a hard bargain, but the party walked away in good spirits. An unexpected result, though, was learning Theed’s last name which seemed oddly familiar to Ligo and some of the party members.

Having followed Fixer’s guidance, the party met Aris Shen in Cloud City over the planet Bespin. She was being followed by her (mobster) husband’s goons, but thanks to a clumsy R0-81t the party managed to slip the goons and meet up with Aris. She led them to a well-appointed apartment, at which point she introduced them to Arend Shen, her father.

Arend explained the details of the job for which the PCs were commissioned – stealing the Jewel of Yavin, a fist-sized corusca gem up for auction in the next few days at the Figg & Associates auction house. He explained that the only way to get into the auction as bidders is to win the coveted Cloud City Grand Prix, a cloud-car race attracting huge tourism and promotional income. He provided the party with a police-surplus Storm IV Cloud Car. Preparation for the race remains, as the party still has to upgrade their car (if they so choose), sabotage their opponents, and perhaps hire a better pilot.

Stealing the gem is only half of the heist, however. The party is also instructed to slice the auction houses computer systems before the auction begins, with the effect of diverting payment for the gem into off-world accounts opened by Arend Shen. R0-81t spent some time building computer spikes and sampling bank encryption just for this purpose, which should give it a boost when it comes to the actual slicing operation.

The party has done an initial casing of the auction house, with Gareth managing to break into the auction room and the garbage disposal closet without being noticed by security. The patrol pattern of the security droid has also been noted. He has also managed to convince an Ugnaught architect within the construction guilds to provide him a replica of the auction house plans in exchange for 600 credits. This is to be delivered the following day.

Da’echa has discovered that food services for the auction will be provided by Cloud City Catering, and after charming the business manager she has been placed on the reserve staff roster. It’s unlikely she will be picked up to join the crew, unless some unfortunate circumstance should befall one of the existing catering staff.

Theed in the mean time paid visit to the Podracer’s Retirement, a seedy bar within the Port Town levels of the station. It’s there that he was directed to Ol’ Sav, a retired racer with a need for…. booze. The old man was paid well enough to recommend a couple of potential cloud car pilots – an experience pilot prohibited from racing by his wife following a near-fatal racing accident, and a young hotshot at the top of the amateur circuit trying to break into the big leagues. It was also suggested that the party visit Honest (somethings) Cloud Cars for supplies.

It’s at this point that the heist planning must continue, with following main goals:

1. Prepare for and win the Cloud City Grand Prix
2. Prepare the slicing shop for financial theft, and execute the slice prior to the auction.
3. Determine a method by which the Jewel of Yavin will be stolen following its sale at the auction, and execute that theft.
4. Escape Cloud City with cash in hand, hopefully without drawing attention of the Cloud City Wing Guard or the local organized crime rings.

Any questions or actions, let me know. Unless it’s something you want to do in secret, include everyone in this email chain.

The Train Job – 9 March 2015

The session yesterday was a great one, in which the party robbed a train and made new friends. A recap follows, please excuse typos:

After successfully canvassing patrons of a bar for information regarding the Imperial prison train, Gareth and Da’echa exited the establishment into an alleyway only to be confronted by a large Devaronian man who greeted Gareth by name. Assuming him to be a bounty hunter, Gareth drew his vibrosword and charged, only to have the sword shot from his hand by a distance sniper following by a swift kick to the chest from the Devaronian. After requesting a moment of their time, the Devaronian (who introduced himself as “Fixer”, a Black Sun handler) lead Gareth and Da’echa back into the bar. He told them that he was aware of their exploits, and had eyes on them for some time. He then “suggested” that the party bring Ganko back to the Black Sun instead of to the Hutts, as the local Hutt territory would soon be a point of contention. Reluctantly, the pair agreed to this offer whilst Theed and R0-81T remained on their ships awaiting departure.

After dropping the miners from Gavos off on a nearby planet and docking their secondary ship, the party made their way to Kessel to being the rescue. Successfully making their way to the planet surface undetected, the party spotted the armoured prison train consisting of an engine car, three passenger cars, and a turret. As Gareth flipped on the radio jammers and positioned the ship overhead, Theed took a prepared shot at the coupling between the turret car and the rest of the train from his ventral turret position. After a brief firefight exchange between Theed and the turret car, the coupling broke and the turret car began to lag behind. The ship was then repositioned by Gareth, and Theed succeded in breaking the coupling of the engine car, which promptly sped up in an effort to make it to help leaving the rest of the train cruising along on its own.

Meanwhile, R0-81T and Da’echa prepared themselves for the drop down from the ships cargo area to the train. Opening the cargo hatch and successfully planting an end of the rope onto the roof of the train, we learned what happens when a group of relatively poor athletes attempts to fast-rope down a 40′ drop between two vehicles moving at excessive speeds.

Da’echa dropped first, and I do mean “dropped”. She lost grip on the rope and plummeted to the roof of the car, only barely managing to hold onto the train and avoid toppling over the edge. Following this performance, R0-81T attempted the drop and became tangled in the line halfway down, requiring it to take further actions to untangle itself and complete the descent. Fortunately, the two did eventually manage to make it down without too much bloodshed, and began their infiltration of the car.

While the first two members of the boarding party worked at unlocking the roof hatch, Theed took blaster shots from the cargo bay at a Stormtrooper who had popped from the hatch of the rear car and started shooting at the party. After shooting the trooper, another appeared at which point Theed fumbled his blaster causing it to fall from the cargo bay to the ground. At was at this time that Theed moved back to the ventral gun turret, blowing the locked hatch door from the second car and vaporizing the Stormtrooper who had appeared on the third.

Following this, Theed decided to join the boarding party, but became caught up in the rope during his descent and requiring an additional action to complete the drop.

All of this of course was made possible by Gareth’s stunning display of close-quarters piloting, demonstrating nerves of steel even as a canyon wall quickly approached.

As the train entered the canyon and Gareth pulled the ship up to safety, R0-81T and Da’echa found themselves in a close quarter battle from the roof of the first car as they attempted to take out the guards. After some blasters were fired and vibroknives were brandished, the pair dropped a stun grenade into the car which allowed them the time required for entry. A single stormtrooper remained in the back of the car, but was quickly dispatched by a vicious stab from Da’echa.

While the Twi’lek and the droid searched for Ganko in car #1, Theed took a running leap across the gap to the roof of car #2. He was met on the roof by a Stormtrooper, and after a quick hand-to-hand fight atop the roof of the moving train car, Theed stabbed the trooper and tossed him back down into the car. Just as R0-81T and Da’echa stepped through the door into the car, Theed jumped down atop the dead Stormtrooper who had fallen onto his still-breathing comrade, trapping the soldier under several hundred pounds of dead trooper and live adventurer.

It was in this car that Ganko was found, and the party quickly unbound him and attached him to a harness.

During this pitched melee, Gareth managed to catch up to the runaway train engine before it could summon reinforcements. As he had no access to the guns from the pilot seat, Gareth took decisive action. Flying the ship just meters from the planetary surface, Gareth sideswiped the train car with such force that it was sent tumbling across the desert plain, ejecting Stormtroopers through its rapidly deteriorating walls.

The boarding party made it back to the roof just in time to see this, at which point they were picked up by Gareth and the party was on their way into orbit.

Having picked up their second ship nearby the party made contact with Fixer who instructed them to meet on Ord Mantell, a Corellian colony known for being a scoundrel’s paradise. The party is now on this journey, which will take about week in hyperspace travel.

Extra-game actions: Anything you can do on your ship. This includes gear maintenance, gear modification, healing, training, holonet surfing – whatever. Just let me know what you would like to do.

Next Game Session: I’m thinking Sunday evening again, if that works for everyone.

Your continuously astonished GM.