In Which the Party Gets Stabbity-Stab Stabbed (and loses a Jedi) – 29 April 2015


First: No game tonight as I have been busy and am ill-prepared. With that in mind, I’d like to run it soon, so let me know which days work for you and we can make it happen.

With that out of the way, recap of last session!

The party made it back to Ord Mantell unassailed, with both the Jewel of Yavin and Elaiza the Jedi on board. Upon arrival, Elaiza offered to meet with Fixer ahead of time to “convince” him to give up the Jewel. The party agreed, and provided her with the Black Sun operative’s meeting location.

Following that, the party reviewed the data that Theed found on a stolen datacard. The card contained a message from a Twi’lek named Reom seeking an exerienced party at The Wheel to undertake a salvage mission.

The party agreed to investigate this opportunity, but first Theed and Gareth (theriouthly, thoth nameth together make me thound like I’m lithping) decided to visit Ligo’s Interstellar Emporium to collect on their earlier order of concussion missile launchers for the ship. Arriving at Ligo’s, the pair found the door open a crack and the office empty. Following a trail of tried blood into the scrapyard, Theed and Gareth found poor old Ligo hanging dead by his feet from a pile of scrap.

Although Gareth managed to stay silent, Theed was unable to contain his excitement and made noise sufficient to alert to the two Barabel assassins sent after Gareth. Tougher than your average humanoid-lizard space thugs, the Barabels gave the pair of adventurers a real run for their credits. The fight started at range with shots fired and alerts sent over comms, but quickly turned into a melee in the cramped quarters of the front office, knives slashing and fists striking. With Gareth wounded and Theed dealing with a combat blade stuck in his shoulder, the adventurers decided upon a brilliant tactical maneuver; they decided to blow up everything. Gareth primed a thermal detonator and the pair ran from the building. The detonation, though massive, vapourized only one of the two Barabel thugs.

Da’echa and R0-81t arrived on scene only to observe the remaining Barabel as he followed Gareth out into the street, managing to deliver a strong punch to his head before Theed came to the rescue and put the Barabel down.

Having dealt with the assassination attempt with wounds to show for it, the party loaded the concussion missile launchers onto a grav sled and escape towards the ship.

After getting patched up and having the launchers attached to the ship, the party set off towards The Wheel. Upon arrival, they explored the station some and after some digging found the club to which Gareth’s strange coin provided entry. With Theed and R0-81t investigating the club itself, Gareth and Da’Echa made their way into a backroom high-stakes game of Sabbac. Despite a tough opposition, the party managed to pull ahead and win the pot several times. Asked “nicely” to leave, Gareth and Da’echa exited back into the club and left with Theed and R0-81t just before the event was over.

Theed did manage to learn more about IsoTech, Reom’s corporation. They are well known for underground tech trading, including custom-built tech. They have a reputation for being expensive but worthwhile.

It was at this point that the session ended, with the PCs on their way to the IsoTech offices to meet with Reom.

Hope I didn’t forget/misremember anything – booze and allergy meds a foggy mind make!
Oh, of course!

Elaiza and Fixer came to an unspoken “agreement”. Fixer paid the party for their work as previously discussed, after which Elaiza suggested that the adventurers leave her and Fixer to discuss further matters. She did not rejoin the group, much to the party’s relief.

Disregard Subtlety, Slaughter Imperials – 26 April 2015

Greetings, Unexpected Mercenaries!

In our session last night the party successfully returned to Bargos following their mine inspection, returning 115,000 credits and receiving a 10% cut for their fine work. This, on top of the cash kept from Bargos in the first place, makes for a fine material reward.

Upon arriving at Bargos’ palace, the party discovered that the Toydarian “consigliere” known as Ganko had recently been captured by Imperials as punishment for Bargos missing a regular payment. Bargos was distraught, an unusual state of mind for a Hutt – even more unusual was that he was willing to admit it. The party has obviously earned his trust and favour. He requested the party figure out exactly where in the Kessel correctional facility Ganko is being held, and return him without delay.

After a brief shopping trip the party opted to engage in a full on assault of the Imperial outpost at which Ganko had been briefly detained. As two of Bargos’ Gammorean pigmen slammed their speeder car into the outpost (and a Stormtrooper), the party initiated their assault through the front door. With the assistance of an overly bold Gammorean and two binary lifter droids being used as shock troops, the party took the outpost in a fine display of absolute carnage and brutality. Though successful in their assault, the party did not emerge unscathed. Several suffered blaster wounds, and our Twilek medic Da’esha took two frag grenades full on in the face resulting in a critical injury. Fortunately R0-81t managed to disable the alarm system with such skill that reinforcements were not alerted.

A quick dive into the computer system revealed that Ganko is being used as forced labour in the spice mines on Kessel, and twice daily is transported via armoured prison train 4B on the asteroid surface. The party also managed to wipe out all electronic record of their presence, with the only witnesses being an Imperial Naval Officer who locked himself in a holding cell for protection, and a strange Bothan captive who fled following Theed’s threat.

Admin Points: No XP this session, but some was just recently given out. New books arrive tomorrow (hopefully) and I’ll be throwing out a quick list of contents so that you guys can ask questions. No game this week as Michelle is out of town, and I’m working constantly.

Thanks for braving the weather last night and making it out – had lots of fun! As usual, I’m happy to answer any questions.