Pop and Locktopus – 18 June 2015

Greetings, hairless apes!

In our adventure last night the party decided, like serial killers, to revisit the scene of a violent confrontation. After landing their ship near the front section of the Sa Nalaor, the party entered the jungle and followed a beaten path to a graveyard obviously built by the ships crew. Venturing slightly further, the party was halted as Da’Echa was set upon by, and I love this, an Arboreal Octopus. Shortly after she was grabbed, two more octopi emerged and a fight began!

With Gareth  being carried off to fulfill his nutritional duties (the ciiiiircle of liiiiiife), Theed decided to end his suffering early with a blaster shot to the back. Fortunately for Gareth, the shot didn’t quite end the misery of our pilot friend who managed to cut himself free with a *very* lucky critical roll from his vibrosword.

While this was going on, our R0-81T friend found itself entangled by an octopus. Using its T-1000-like strength, the droid punched the octo-arm and yanked the cephalopod from the jungle canopy. Failing to consider the consequences of a falling squid, the droid found itself stuck under the unconscious foe. Fortunately, Da’Echa finished the creature off with an execution-style blaster shot to the eye.

The party managed to finish off the other two squids, though (having not learned from previous events) Gareth also managed to find himself under a falling octopus. The impact rendered him unconscious, and the rest of the party finished the fight with some wounds to show for their efforts.

Heading back to the ship the party spotted the Nightflyer and its crew from the treeline. Setting up a careful ambush, the party managed to make short work of Yav Yiyar’s retinue, though they couldn’t stop the Rodian himself before he managed to blast The Encounters cargo bay door from its hinges. BLL1 put the Rodian down moments after that, breaking all of his limbs. The Sullistan pilot was the only one of the Yiyar crew that managed to escape the ambush, but couldn’t get the cargo bay closed before BLL2 found its way aboard. The ship took off, but made it mere kilometers before the party saw it slowly arc back towards the planet surface, crashing in a huge plume of dust and debris. Rest in pieces, BLL.

As the fight ended, a figure familiar to IT-3PO arrived with an entourage, carried on the backs of three very large amphibious reptiles. The leader was none other than Captain Harsol, who has evidently survived both the crash of the Sa Nalaor and the subsequent decades. Looking weathered and wearing patchwork clothing, the Captain expressed his gratitude to IT-3PO and introduced himself to the party. The real question, of course, is how both Captain Harsol and the Yiyar Clan found The Encounter at the same location at the same time.

This is where we left off. No opportunity for extra-game actions, as we’re in the midst of an introduction.

I am, however, making some changes to XP awards. Instead of handing XP out at the end of the chapter, I will be issuing XP as the conditions listed at the end of the chapter are met. Thus, XP as follows:

2 XP for navigating the Chol Nebula upon entry into the system.

5 XP for searching for the surface of the Sa Nalaor.

3 XP for discovering the escape pod 34 Besh.

5 XP for surviving the Cyber-Nexu assault.

5 XP for searching the main hull of the Sa Nalaor.

That’s a total of 20 XP for everyone in this chapter so far.


A Purr-fect Evening – 16 June 2015

Greetings, Sapient Scratch-Posts!

Last session was a good one, but I’m going to describe it quickly due to overwhelming work.

1. Party enters ship.

2. Clank clank scratch skitter.

3. Ooh, the bridge!

4. Ow, shit, ow. Go away kitty!

5. Disassemble kitties for parts.

6. When did it get so dark outside?

7. Find a nice quiet sandbar isolated from land, sleep.

And thus the party finds themselves nursing wounds in the ship a few kilometers from the crash site.

In Which the Party Goes To… ooooh, nice kitty! – 8 June 2015

Greetings, Wayfaring Wanderers!

In our last session the party managed to make it to Cholganna after narrowly escaping The Wheel with IT-3P0 (eye-tee), though not without some difficulties. After a ~55 hour direct hyperspace journey plotted using extremely old data, the party dropped into real space near Cholganna. The custom astrogation job seemed to keep the pursuing Yayir Clan at bay, but it added some challenges to the arrival of The Encounter.

All of the shipboard alarms started sounding the moment that the ship dropped into real space. The astrogation route placed the ship smack in the middle of a small nebula, and the gas and dust had taken the ships sensor arrays offline. Anybody looking through the transparisteel windows could see nothing but the hazy outline of Cholgannas sun through the dust. As R0-81T worked to bring the sensors online, The Encounter shuddered with three rapid impacts as the ship passed through a minor asteroid field. With Gareth piloting and Theed calling out obstacles from one of the gun turrets, the party managed to escape both the nebula and the asteroid field with a minimal amount of damage done to the ship.

With the sensor arrays back online, the party scanned both the local system to update their star charts, and Cholganna in an effort to locate the wreckage of the lost banking clan frigate Sa Nalaor. Within roughly ten hours, the party had zeroed in on a beacon transmitting from the planet surface. Although the data itself was incomprehensible, the party was able to get a fix on its location and flew down to the surface to investigate.

Descending through a clearing in the extremely dense forest canopy, Gareth landed The Encounter on a flat surface nestled amongst the trunks of the megaflora of Cholganna, just steps away from a deep crevasse in the ground. With the beacon transmitting from just a kilometer away, the party used a climbing kit to set up a zipline across the crevasse. After a bit of ziplining (much more successful than that on Kessel, I should add), all members of the party except for Theed had made it to the other side. It was at this point that the party had their first interaction with the local fauna, as a dog-sized bark rat emerged from the brush and approached Theed without a hint of fear. It sat in front of him and observed him with curiousity. Theed reached out his hand in an effort to befriend the rat, only to receive a bite on his armoured glove by way of response. The rat ran off into the brush, leaving Theed uninjured but also unimpressed. He joined the remainder of the party on the other side of the crevasse.

The party made their way fearlessly to the beacon, where they found an escape pod 34 Besh from the Sa Nalaor partially submerged in a swamp and surrounded by fat green flying insects. As Theed and R0-81T approached the pod, the insects began swarming and attempting to sting. R0-81T realized that it could not be harmed by puny stinging insects, and made its way to the pod alone with Theed backing off to join Gareth and Da’Echa in creating a smoky fire to ward off these insects. R0-81T managed to punch its way through the nest that the insects had build in the pod, and without much difficulty was able to remove the data drive from the pod. After fumbling it into the swamp, Theed and R0-81T managed to dig up the data drive while the rest of the party worked to fend off the stinging insects.

The party moved to a safe area and viewed the pod, which contained data on the Sa Nalaor as well as a holorecording of the last conversation between pod occupants and Sa Nalaors Captain Harsol, in which the occupants cursed Harsol for stubbornly dooming the ship, and Harsol cursed the occupants as cowards for fleeing before mission completion.

The party made it back to their ship without much incident, though they were approached by another few bark rats which Theed quickly distracted using his prepared poisonous rations. The ship itself was quickly becoming overgrown by vines, and a single hairy green tentacle reached towards the party as they zipped back across the crevasse.

The ship lifted off with the party safely on board, and the moved on using the data from 34 Besh. Some kilometers North of the pod, the party found the ship split in half along a river valley. The rear half of the monolithic ship had wedged between cliff faces, creating a dam that had resulted in a sizable lake. The front half of the ship was sticking straight up from the middle of the lake like a leaning skyscraper.

The party landed on a patch of dirt under the canopy directly in front of the ships bridge. They found drag marks leading into the ship, and a narrow land bridge to the shore upon which sat a makeshift and abandoned village large enough to hold 30-50 inhabitants. Theed crossed the bridge to investigate the village, which seemed entirely empty. After checking things out for a short time, he stuck his head into a hut only to be pounced upon by a pair of angry kitties.

An extremely bloody fight followed, with the Nexu taking bites and gouges out of several members of the party. R0-81T, Da’Echa, and Theed faced the kitties face to face, while Gareth sat in the ship building sand castles with the tractor beam. After a few minutes he dispatched BLL1 and BLL2, which provided the party with the support they needed to finally pummel the first Nexu. The second attempted to flee, only to be zapped with the onboard blaster cannon, leaving nothing but furry scorch marks in the sand.

With R0-81T significantly damaged and Theed missing a couple of pounds of flesh, the party paused to lick their wounds before continuing on in their investigation. It was at this point that we stopped for the evening.

Extra-Game Actions: Anything you can do in a reasonably short period of time outside the Sa Nalaor, in the village, or in The Encounter. You can choose to take longer, but the local wildlife seems inhospitable.