Cliffhanger – 14 July 2015

Greetings, Cliffhangers!

Sorry for the late email – things have been busy!

In our last session most of the party found themselves in The Retreat, the fortified cliff-side enclave in which the survivors from the Sa Nalaor had been holed up for the last few decades. R0-81T was on its journey back from the small beach on which The Encounter was damaged during the party’s encounter with the Yiyar Clan. Having successfully repaired the cargo bay door, the journey back was underway.

While Theed, Gareth, and Da’Echa were attempting to break up an argument between Captain Harsol and Cratala, the camp was set on alert by the roar of a starship flying overhead followed by the audible engines of several speeders and repulsor lifts. The camp immediately went into lock down with survivors taking up arms and running to the walls.

Captain Harsol and Cratala ran to the HQ and lab. Harsol emerged wearing armour and holding onto a blaster and some old grenades, leveling his weapons at the party and accusing them of leading the Imperials to the jungle retreat. With some deft leadership and charm checks, the party convinced Harsol to instead focus his aggression at the Imperial forces just outside the camp walls.
As four probe droids descended through the treeline into the camp an Imperial Agent called to the survivors from the other side of the locked gate, imploring everyone to lay down their arms and promising sanctuary. Harsol replied with an impressive string of curses and obscenities.

During this exchange, Theed and Gareth decided that they were uncomfortable with the observing probe droids, and launched their attack. After a few seconds of shooting, Cratala indicated the presence of an EMP grenade in her lab. With Gareth providing cover, Theed heroically ran the gauntlet of blaster fire into the lab and found the grenade in a drawer. In a moment of inspiration, he ran into the middle of the cluster of droids and detonated the grenade in his hand hoping to disable all droids at once. Unfortunately the old grenade turned out to be less effective than modern designs and fizzled out in a very small radius, disabling only Theed’s own electronic equipment and weaponry.

It was at this point that a gun battle began between the survivors of The Retreat, and the Imperial forces outside the gate. With no other way out Theed, Da’Echa, and Gareth ran to the cliffside hangar at the back of the camp and faced the sheer drop towards the waters below. Without a moment to spare they rigged up climbing gear and dropped ropes down the cliff face to begin their descent.

Cratala left her cyber-nexu on guard in the hangar as Imperial forces closed in, having breached the gate with explosives and eliminated a number of the survivors including Captain Harsol. As they entered the hangar the cyber-nexu launched its attack, occupying two of the Imperial scout troopers as the other two fired their heavy blaster rifles over the ledge at the party who were completed exposed during their descent.

A few of the blaster charges struck their targets, with Theed getting knocked unconscious while hanging from his rope. As Gareth provided cover fire, Da’Echa heroically swung across the cliff face and hit Theed with a stimpack while the cyber-nexu continued its rampage through the Imperial forces above.

R0-81T arrived in a speeder car just as the party made it to the bottom of the cliff, and the group (Cratala included) managed to climb aboard just in time to watch the cyber-nexu tumble off the cliff with the last Imperial soldier in the squad. The pair disappeared into the river, leaving only the crackling sounds of the cyber-nexus enhancements as they fried upon contact with the water.

It was at this point that the session ended. Expecting things to carry on tomorrow evening if everyone is available.