Leaping Lizards! – 24 Aug 2015

Busy at the moment, but quick overview is that the party met Gareth’s contact on Sleheyron, only to be ambushed by slavers (and nearly captured) in an alley. Arrived at Rebel special operations hideout, met Jayde Kadros and… a familiar Trandoshan buddy!

Cratala was turned to the Rebellion as per her wishes, party received some cash money, and Jayde asked them to look into a slaving operation run by a local Hutt group under the thumb of an Imperial Intelligence Service officer.

Mission, to be done in any order:

1. Infiltrate Imperial Intelligence – Assassinate Officer – Retrieve Data from Imperial Databanks – Stop the flow of information to the Hutts – If possible, discourage further surveillance on Sleheyron rebel activities.

2. Infiltrate Hutt slaver, possibly posing as buyers at a nearby slave market to gather info – Rescue captured Rebellion personnel – Determine location of Gareth’s cousin – If possible, eliminate slave consolidation center.

SO my question to the party: What would you all prefer to do first?

Where’d you Learn That Cheech, Drug School? – 17 Aug 2015

Greetings, you valiant street-fighting drug-smuggling intergalactic troublemakers!

In our last episode, the party stopped on Junction to take a breather after having managed to escape Space Australia with limbs intact and brains mostly not dead, the medic excluded. Dr. Cratala is hiding out on board The Encounter after pleading with the party to turn her over to the Rebellion.

After picking up some vital supplies, the party set their sights towards rearming themselves in the black markets of Junction. Gareth managed to find some information on a coveted and extremely rare blaster pistol that was in the possession of a Trandoshan weapons trader, and dragged Theed along as he went to sniff out its location. Da’Echa wisely stayed back aboard The Encounter to set up her new poison synthesis laboratory in her quarters. R0-81T was off doing whatever it is that R0-81T does in its down time.

Gareth and Theed arrived in the crowded market just as a gunfight broke out between the weapons dealer and his smuggler associate Corte, and their respective crews. Sitting in the shadows as gangsters and civilians alike were gunned down, Theed decided to make his move by stealing the weapon crate while cloaked, but otherwise in sight of the parties involved. At the same moment, Gareth emerged from the shadows to take down Corte with a shot to the head. The Trandoshan chased down Theed, tackling him and dealing some damage with his claws, which simultaneously firing a disruptor pistol at Gareth.

The “dynamic” duo got the better of the Trandoshan, though, with Gareth luring him up to a standing position and Theed stabbing him in the back with three quick jabs of his new Vibrorapier.

Though the box only contained a few contraband rifles, the party was able to track down the Trandoshan’s ship in its docking bay. After some charming words, significant bribes, and negotiation, they convinced the hired mercenaries to take a walk while the party took off with the Trandoshan’s ship. A ship which, as it turned out, was full of drugs and not guns. Gareth found his Nova Pistol though, so I guess that’s ok. R0-81T kept offering to “start a bank” and “give away free money”.

The party now awaits word from Gareth’s Rebellion contact before leaving Junction behind.

Game this Wednesday as usual. If it’s too hot in my house we’ll find somewhere else to go.
Oh, the party also managed to put an impromptu mercenary company on retainer. Thus may begin the fatal adventures of The Fighting Nexu.