Leaping Lizards! – 24 Aug 2015

Busy at the moment, but quick overview is that the party met Gareth’s contact on Sleheyron, only to be ambushed by slavers (and nearly captured) in an alley. Arrived at Rebel special operations hideout, met Jayde Kadros and… a familiar Trandoshan buddy!

Cratala was turned to the Rebellion as per her wishes, party received some cash money, and Jayde asked them to look into a slaving operation run by a local Hutt group under the thumb of an Imperial Intelligence Service officer.

Mission, to be done in any order:

1. Infiltrate Imperial Intelligence – Assassinate Officer – Retrieve Data from Imperial Databanks – Stop the flow of information to the Hutts – If possible, discourage further surveillance on Sleheyron rebel activities.

2. Infiltrate Hutt slaver, possibly posing as buyers at a nearby slave market to gather info – Rescue captured Rebellion personnel – Determine location of Gareth’s cousin – If possible, eliminate slave consolidation center.

SO my question to the party: What would you all prefer to do first?

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