In Which a Modulated Voice Said “Clang” – 4 Oct 2015

Greetings, Spicy Smugglers!

The adventure last night was a good one. The party returned back to Unit Zulu, only to be chewed out by Trex for their recent “tactical operation” at the slave market. Clearly dissatisfied, Trex stormed off, but Jayde was able to salvage the operation by providing guidance and information about the Slavers‘ base of operations out in the basalt wastes.

After speaking with Niko and “interrogating” the Auctioneer, the party decided to perform a reconnaissance mission at the box canyon in which the slavers’ base entrance was discovered.

After climbing the jagged cliff-face up to the plateau at the canyons edge, the group immediately discovered evidence of a patrol. The group managed to sneak just ahead of the patrol (a sharpshooter team designated Watcher 2-1) long enough to observe an armoured landspeeder offload a new group of prisoners at the gates of Iron Hold. On their return to the rappel site, however, R0-81T tripped and fell, hitting the ground with a metallic clatter.

Watcher 2-1 slowly approached the party, who hit the deck the moment the droid fell in an attempt to stay out of sight. With the sniper keeping his distance with rifle at the ready, the spotter approached towards the source of the sound and tossed a rock in the general direction of the clatter. Though the rock missed every member of the party, the droid said Clang, setting off a quick moment of combat.

Not wanting to use noisy blasters, the party attempted to engage Watcher 2-1 in melee. Realizing that it would take too long to reach them, Theed stood up and threw his vibrorapier towards the spotter. The blade struck the spotter in the middle of his chest, piercing his armour and fatally wounding him. While this happened, Gareth and R0-81T managed to scuttle towards the sniper with Dasha ran towards him. Gareth popped from the shadows to strike with his vibrosword – causing some pain but not quite wounding the sniper, who in turn struck Gareth with the butt of his Disruptor Rifle and then began running for help. Unable to make it to the melee in time, R0-81T produced a handful of long-concealed chili powder and hurled it at the sniper, but instead struck Dasha in the face causing momentary blindness.

The sniper initially fumbled for his radio, unable to find it in his shock and confusion. Eventually though he managed to distance himself from the party and call for help. The alarm sounded in Iron Hold, prompting the party to break from combat and head towards their ropes to make a successful escape down the cliffside.

Although the party was unable to avoid alerting the slavers, they did manage to get some very useful information about the facility which will be used to plan their upcoming rescue of Alwyn.

What will the party do next? Tune in next time!

Gee Ehm.

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