The Drinking Contest – 9 Oct 2015

Hello and happy Long Weekend!

In our last session, the party went into town to search for connections to the Iron Hold Shockboxing league / slave trade. Hoping to find someone invited to the next event, the party split up to maximize their odds.

Gareth and R0-81T visited The Sleazy Sarlaac, a dive bar known for its violent entertainment and even more violent clientele. Gareth picked the biggest Trandoshan in the room and sidled up beside him at the bar, hoping to engage in some conversation. After some terse words between Gareth, the Trandoshan, and his lackeys, R0-81T decided that the most efficient course of action would be a swift metallic punch to a leathery face. Before long, the Trandoshan had been knocked unconscious over the bar and his lackeys had been either killed or otherwise incapacitated. The pair picked up their unconscious mark and made their way back to the ship (I think).

While this was going on, Theed and Dasha decided to visit an upscale cigar lounge hoping to find someone of low moral status and high wealth who would be able to invest such high-stakes blood sports. Watching a Shockboxing event on the holo screen, Theed did his best to seem extremely interested. This attracted the attention of a local businessman and slave owner named Thad, who was keen to meet another man of means and his “servant girl”. After some careful conversation, Theed and Thad (heh) engaged in a drinking contest, the winner providing information to the other.

As the two exchanged stories of slave rebellion and adventure, Dasha managed to slip some narcotics into Thad’s beverage which encouraged him to loosen up a little bit and provide some more personal information. After far too many beverages, Thad broke down – sobbing into his empty glass and lamenting involvement with “Raskurro the Butcher” in the local slave trade.

Satisfied with this information, an extremely inebriated Theed stood up and (with Dasha’s help) left the bar confident in his findings.


2 xp for the whole party for their night on the town.

You now are in possession of an unconscious Trandoshan of unknown name and origin.

You are now aware of a slaver known as Raskurro the Butcher.

What will you do next?

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