Do You Like Piña Coladas? – 21 Oct 2015

Greetings, Walking Steak-People!

In this session the party finalized their plans for the raid on the Iron Hold, killed an angry Trandoshan, and walked into Raskurro’s Restaurant.

Having knocked out a Trandoshan at The Sleazy Sarlaac last session, R0-81T and Gareth dragged him into a back alley and cuffed him to a drain pipe attached to the wall of a building. They revived him and attempted to ask him some questions, but received nothing but threatening responses and angry stares. Still annoyed from having to fight, R0-81T and Gareth wasted no time initiating torture of the poor captured individual (named Slissk). R0-81T used its own batteries to jolt Slissk into semi-consciousness, after which Gareth regained his attention by lopping off a horn with his vibroknife. This only caused Slissk to get angrier and attempt to kick Gareth, nearly pulling the pipe off the wall in the process. The pair called Dasha, who showed up in a speeder to pick up the group while Theed continued to sleep off his hangover on the ship.

Once the party returned to the ship, they strapped Slissk to a gurney and attempted to resume the interrogation. R0-81T continuously threatened to remove parts of Slissk’s body, and Dasha attempted to inject him with a neuroparalytic to stop the thrashing although the syringe only broke off on the scaly skin. Eventually the combination of Dasha mentioning The Butcher along with R0-81T removing a toe caused Slissk to take notice, and even work out a deal. He would talk in exchange for being allowed to walk off the ship relatively intact. The party agreed to his terms, and Slissk gave them the skinny on Raskurro the Butcher and his enterprise trading slaves, both alive and as meat to those with such predilections. Satisfied with the information, the party attempted a “deal with the devil” sort of fulfillment of their end of the agreement, deciding to let Slissk walk off the ship, but in orbit. Gareth returned to the cockpit to pilot the ship, while Theed continued to sleep having woken up only long enough to clean up his own vomit.

Dasha and R0-81T exited the medical bay, only to hear a loud bang and clatter. The moment that he heard the engines powering up, Slissk erupted with rage at being deceived. He tipped the gurney, breaking it into pieces, and charged through the medbay door at R0-81T and Dasha in a furious blood rage. He fixated on Dasha, charging her with his claws and causing a couple of critical wounds in the process. Theed, meanwhile, heard the commotion and awoke from his slumber. He grabbed his Vibrorapier from the wall of his quarters and managed to sneak up to just behind Slissk before stabbing him through. Throughout this brawl, Gareth remained blissfully unaware of the events unfolding below the cockpit. He continued to fly the ship into orbit, bopping along to the hottest galactic pop music and wondering if he did, in fact, like piña coladas.

Unfortunately, the combined efforts of Dasha, R0-81T, and Theed were not quite enough to drop the big lizard. In a great display of leadership, Theed called up to Gareth and instructed him to disable the intertial dampeners on the ship and pull into a hard turn, while shouting at everyone else to “hold on!”. The party managed to grab onto something as Gareth performed a high-G maneuver which caused Slissk to fly into the nearest bulkhead, rendering him unconscious. Gareth put the ship on autopilot, walked down to the medbay, and executed Slissk with a single blaster shot before throwing him out of the airlock. The party took this opportunity to sleep off their strain and lick their wounds before heading back down to Sleheyron.

Having discovered who and what Raskurro the Butcher was, the group went to the small outlaw spaceport at which Raskurro’s Hutt Pleasure Skiff was parked. They managed to convince the attending staff that they were there on business, as Slissk had mentioned that Raskurro was having trouble procuring the necessary roster of fighters prior to the slave shockboxing event at the Iron Hold. Having been accepted into the spaceport, Theed made his way down to the Pleasure Skiff while the remainder of the group waited in the terminal.

Theed met with Raskurro’s lieutenant, who agreed to grant a discussion with the Hutt after minimal convincing. Theed was led through the cargo bay full of slaves, past the meat locker, and into the Hutt’s private quarters where Raskurro was toying with a Twi’lek slave. Although it was an extremely difficult negotiation, Theed did eventually manage to impress Raskurro with his knowledge of Hutt Shell Armour and convinced the corpulent Hutt to allow him an opportunity to prove himself as a slaver. He promised to deliver fighters to Raskurro before the shockboxing event in several days’ time, and left.

The party then discussed this plan with Trex, and eventually got on comms with their on-call mercenary outfit, The Fighting Nexu. They informed them of a plan and stated that they would need a group of fighters including at least one experienced demolitionist, and a half-dozen strong looking men to act as gladiatorial slaves. The mercenary company agreed to do such a dangerous mission for an exorbitant fee, after which Theed returned to Raskurro and negotiated terms.

Raskurro agreed to include Theed and his companions as a part of his entourage into The Iron Hold, maintaining ownership of their own slaves, on one condition. Theed would pay Raskurro 70% of all winnings and earnings collected during the event. The two shook hands in the traditional Hutt fashion, and Theed was on his way.

Next Session the party enters The Iron Hold! Now is a good time to include any preparations that you would like to make beforehand, and hash out some plans.

Slissk: What do you want to know?
R0-81T: How long it will take your leg to grow back after I cut it off.

Dasha: He paid for his own funeral… no more Trandoshans!

Theed: People don’t like becoming steaks. Who would have thought?!


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