Cliffhanger – 14 July 2015

Greetings, Cliffhangers!

Sorry for the late email – things have been busy!

In our last session most of the party found themselves in The Retreat, the fortified cliff-side enclave in which the survivors from the Sa Nalaor had been holed up for the last few decades. R0-81T was on its journey back from the small beach on which The Encounter was damaged during the party’s encounter with the Yiyar Clan. Having successfully repaired the cargo bay door, the journey back was underway.

While Theed, Gareth, and Da’Echa were attempting to break up an argument between Captain Harsol and Cratala, the camp was set on alert by the roar of a starship flying overhead followed by the audible engines of several speeders and repulsor lifts. The camp immediately went into lock down with survivors taking up arms and running to the walls.

Captain Harsol and Cratala ran to the HQ and lab. Harsol emerged wearing armour and holding onto a blaster and some old grenades, leveling his weapons at the party and accusing them of leading the Imperials to the jungle retreat. With some deft leadership and charm checks, the party convinced Harsol to instead focus his aggression at the Imperial forces just outside the camp walls.
As four probe droids descended through the treeline into the camp an Imperial Agent called to the survivors from the other side of the locked gate, imploring everyone to lay down their arms and promising sanctuary. Harsol replied with an impressive string of curses and obscenities.

During this exchange, Theed and Gareth decided that they were uncomfortable with the observing probe droids, and launched their attack. After a few seconds of shooting, Cratala indicated the presence of an EMP grenade in her lab. With Gareth providing cover, Theed heroically ran the gauntlet of blaster fire into the lab and found the grenade in a drawer. In a moment of inspiration, he ran into the middle of the cluster of droids and detonated the grenade in his hand hoping to disable all droids at once. Unfortunately the old grenade turned out to be less effective than modern designs and fizzled out in a very small radius, disabling only Theed’s own electronic equipment and weaponry.

It was at this point that a gun battle began between the survivors of The Retreat, and the Imperial forces outside the gate. With no other way out Theed, Da’Echa, and Gareth ran to the cliffside hangar at the back of the camp and faced the sheer drop towards the waters below. Without a moment to spare they rigged up climbing gear and dropped ropes down the cliff face to begin their descent.

Cratala left her cyber-nexu on guard in the hangar as Imperial forces closed in, having breached the gate with explosives and eliminated a number of the survivors including Captain Harsol. As they entered the hangar the cyber-nexu launched its attack, occupying two of the Imperial scout troopers as the other two fired their heavy blaster rifles over the ledge at the party who were completed exposed during their descent.

A few of the blaster charges struck their targets, with Theed getting knocked unconscious while hanging from his rope. As Gareth provided cover fire, Da’Echa heroically swung across the cliff face and hit Theed with a stimpack while the cyber-nexu continued its rampage through the Imperial forces above.

R0-81T arrived in a speeder car just as the party made it to the bottom of the cliff, and the group (Cratala included) managed to climb aboard just in time to watch the cyber-nexu tumble off the cliff with the last Imperial soldier in the squad. The pair disappeared into the river, leaving only the crackling sounds of the cyber-nexus enhancements as they fried upon contact with the water.

It was at this point that the session ended. Expecting things to carry on tomorrow evening if everyone is available.

Pop and Locktopus – 18 June 2015

Greetings, hairless apes!

In our adventure last night the party decided, like serial killers, to revisit the scene of a violent confrontation. After landing their ship near the front section of the Sa Nalaor, the party entered the jungle and followed a beaten path to a graveyard obviously built by the ships crew. Venturing slightly further, the party was halted as Da’Echa was set upon by, and I love this, an Arboreal Octopus. Shortly after she was grabbed, two more octopi emerged and a fight began!

With Gareth  being carried off to fulfill his nutritional duties (the ciiiiircle of liiiiiife), Theed decided to end his suffering early with a blaster shot to the back. Fortunately for Gareth, the shot didn’t quite end the misery of our pilot friend who managed to cut himself free with a *very* lucky critical roll from his vibrosword.

While this was going on, our R0-81T friend found itself entangled by an octopus. Using its T-1000-like strength, the droid punched the octo-arm and yanked the cephalopod from the jungle canopy. Failing to consider the consequences of a falling squid, the droid found itself stuck under the unconscious foe. Fortunately, Da’Echa finished the creature off with an execution-style blaster shot to the eye.

The party managed to finish off the other two squids, though (having not learned from previous events) Gareth also managed to find himself under a falling octopus. The impact rendered him unconscious, and the rest of the party finished the fight with some wounds to show for their efforts.

Heading back to the ship the party spotted the Nightflyer and its crew from the treeline. Setting up a careful ambush, the party managed to make short work of Yav Yiyar’s retinue, though they couldn’t stop the Rodian himself before he managed to blast The Encounters cargo bay door from its hinges. BLL1 put the Rodian down moments after that, breaking all of his limbs. The Sullistan pilot was the only one of the Yiyar crew that managed to escape the ambush, but couldn’t get the cargo bay closed before BLL2 found its way aboard. The ship took off, but made it mere kilometers before the party saw it slowly arc back towards the planet surface, crashing in a huge plume of dust and debris. Rest in pieces, BLL.

As the fight ended, a figure familiar to IT-3PO arrived with an entourage, carried on the backs of three very large amphibious reptiles. The leader was none other than Captain Harsol, who has evidently survived both the crash of the Sa Nalaor and the subsequent decades. Looking weathered and wearing patchwork clothing, the Captain expressed his gratitude to IT-3PO and introduced himself to the party. The real question, of course, is how both Captain Harsol and the Yiyar Clan found The Encounter at the same location at the same time.

This is where we left off. No opportunity for extra-game actions, as we’re in the midst of an introduction.

I am, however, making some changes to XP awards. Instead of handing XP out at the end of the chapter, I will be issuing XP as the conditions listed at the end of the chapter are met. Thus, XP as follows:

2 XP for navigating the Chol Nebula upon entry into the system.

5 XP for searching for the surface of the Sa Nalaor.

3 XP for discovering the escape pod 34 Besh.

5 XP for surviving the Cyber-Nexu assault.

5 XP for searching the main hull of the Sa Nalaor.

That’s a total of 20 XP for everyone in this chapter so far.


A Purr-fect Evening – 16 June 2015

Greetings, Sapient Scratch-Posts!

Last session was a good one, but I’m going to describe it quickly due to overwhelming work.

1. Party enters ship.

2. Clank clank scratch skitter.

3. Ooh, the bridge!

4. Ow, shit, ow. Go away kitty!

5. Disassemble kitties for parts.

6. When did it get so dark outside?

7. Find a nice quiet sandbar isolated from land, sleep.

And thus the party finds themselves nursing wounds in the ship a few kilometers from the crash site.

In Which the Party Goes To… ooooh, nice kitty! – 8 June 2015

Greetings, Wayfaring Wanderers!

In our last session the party managed to make it to Cholganna after narrowly escaping The Wheel with IT-3P0 (eye-tee), though not without some difficulties. After a ~55 hour direct hyperspace journey plotted using extremely old data, the party dropped into real space near Cholganna. The custom astrogation job seemed to keep the pursuing Yayir Clan at bay, but it added some challenges to the arrival of The Encounter.

All of the shipboard alarms started sounding the moment that the ship dropped into real space. The astrogation route placed the ship smack in the middle of a small nebula, and the gas and dust had taken the ships sensor arrays offline. Anybody looking through the transparisteel windows could see nothing but the hazy outline of Cholgannas sun through the dust. As R0-81T worked to bring the sensors online, The Encounter shuddered with three rapid impacts as the ship passed through a minor asteroid field. With Gareth piloting and Theed calling out obstacles from one of the gun turrets, the party managed to escape both the nebula and the asteroid field with a minimal amount of damage done to the ship.

With the sensor arrays back online, the party scanned both the local system to update their star charts, and Cholganna in an effort to locate the wreckage of the lost banking clan frigate Sa Nalaor. Within roughly ten hours, the party had zeroed in on a beacon transmitting from the planet surface. Although the data itself was incomprehensible, the party was able to get a fix on its location and flew down to the surface to investigate.

Descending through a clearing in the extremely dense forest canopy, Gareth landed The Encounter on a flat surface nestled amongst the trunks of the megaflora of Cholganna, just steps away from a deep crevasse in the ground. With the beacon transmitting from just a kilometer away, the party used a climbing kit to set up a zipline across the crevasse. After a bit of ziplining (much more successful than that on Kessel, I should add), all members of the party except for Theed had made it to the other side. It was at this point that the party had their first interaction with the local fauna, as a dog-sized bark rat emerged from the brush and approached Theed without a hint of fear. It sat in front of him and observed him with curiousity. Theed reached out his hand in an effort to befriend the rat, only to receive a bite on his armoured glove by way of response. The rat ran off into the brush, leaving Theed uninjured but also unimpressed. He joined the remainder of the party on the other side of the crevasse.

The party made their way fearlessly to the beacon, where they found an escape pod 34 Besh from the Sa Nalaor partially submerged in a swamp and surrounded by fat green flying insects. As Theed and R0-81T approached the pod, the insects began swarming and attempting to sting. R0-81T realized that it could not be harmed by puny stinging insects, and made its way to the pod alone with Theed backing off to join Gareth and Da’Echa in creating a smoky fire to ward off these insects. R0-81T managed to punch its way through the nest that the insects had build in the pod, and without much difficulty was able to remove the data drive from the pod. After fumbling it into the swamp, Theed and R0-81T managed to dig up the data drive while the rest of the party worked to fend off the stinging insects.

The party moved to a safe area and viewed the pod, which contained data on the Sa Nalaor as well as a holorecording of the last conversation between pod occupants and Sa Nalaors Captain Harsol, in which the occupants cursed Harsol for stubbornly dooming the ship, and Harsol cursed the occupants as cowards for fleeing before mission completion.

The party made it back to their ship without much incident, though they were approached by another few bark rats which Theed quickly distracted using his prepared poisonous rations. The ship itself was quickly becoming overgrown by vines, and a single hairy green tentacle reached towards the party as they zipped back across the crevasse.

The ship lifted off with the party safely on board, and the moved on using the data from 34 Besh. Some kilometers North of the pod, the party found the ship split in half along a river valley. The rear half of the monolithic ship had wedged between cliff faces, creating a dam that had resulted in a sizable lake. The front half of the ship was sticking straight up from the middle of the lake like a leaning skyscraper.

The party landed on a patch of dirt under the canopy directly in front of the ships bridge. They found drag marks leading into the ship, and a narrow land bridge to the shore upon which sat a makeshift and abandoned village large enough to hold 30-50 inhabitants. Theed crossed the bridge to investigate the village, which seemed entirely empty. After checking things out for a short time, he stuck his head into a hut only to be pounced upon by a pair of angry kitties.

An extremely bloody fight followed, with the Nexu taking bites and gouges out of several members of the party. R0-81T, Da’Echa, and Theed faced the kitties face to face, while Gareth sat in the ship building sand castles with the tractor beam. After a few minutes he dispatched BLL1 and BLL2, which provided the party with the support they needed to finally pummel the first Nexu. The second attempted to flee, only to be zapped with the onboard blaster cannon, leaving nothing but furry scorch marks in the sand.

With R0-81T significantly damaged and Theed missing a couple of pounds of flesh, the party paused to lick their wounds before continuing on in their investigation. It was at this point that we stopped for the evening.

Extra-Game Actions: Anything you can do in a reasonably short period of time outside the Sa Nalaor, in the village, or in The Encounter. You can choose to take longer, but the local wildlife seems inhospitable.

In Which the Party Gets Stabbity-Stab Stabbed (and loses a Jedi) – 29 April 2015


First: No game tonight as I have been busy and am ill-prepared. With that in mind, I’d like to run it soon, so let me know which days work for you and we can make it happen.

With that out of the way, recap of last session!

The party made it back to Ord Mantell unassailed, with both the Jewel of Yavin and Elaiza the Jedi on board. Upon arrival, Elaiza offered to meet with Fixer ahead of time to “convince” him to give up the Jewel. The party agreed, and provided her with the Black Sun operative’s meeting location.

Following that, the party reviewed the data that Theed found on a stolen datacard. The card contained a message from a Twi’lek named Reom seeking an exerienced party at The Wheel to undertake a salvage mission.

The party agreed to investigate this opportunity, but first Theed and Gareth (theriouthly, thoth nameth together make me thound like I’m lithping) decided to visit Ligo’s Interstellar Emporium to collect on their earlier order of concussion missile launchers for the ship. Arriving at Ligo’s, the pair found the door open a crack and the office empty. Following a trail of tried blood into the scrapyard, Theed and Gareth found poor old Ligo hanging dead by his feet from a pile of scrap.

Although Gareth managed to stay silent, Theed was unable to contain his excitement and made noise sufficient to alert to the two Barabel assassins sent after Gareth. Tougher than your average humanoid-lizard space thugs, the Barabels gave the pair of adventurers a real run for their credits. The fight started at range with shots fired and alerts sent over comms, but quickly turned into a melee in the cramped quarters of the front office, knives slashing and fists striking. With Gareth wounded and Theed dealing with a combat blade stuck in his shoulder, the adventurers decided upon a brilliant tactical maneuver; they decided to blow up everything. Gareth primed a thermal detonator and the pair ran from the building. The detonation, though massive, vapourized only one of the two Barabel thugs.

Da’echa and R0-81t arrived on scene only to observe the remaining Barabel as he followed Gareth out into the street, managing to deliver a strong punch to his head before Theed came to the rescue and put the Barabel down.

Having dealt with the assassination attempt with wounds to show for it, the party loaded the concussion missile launchers onto a grav sled and escape towards the ship.

After getting patched up and having the launchers attached to the ship, the party set off towards The Wheel. Upon arrival, they explored the station some and after some digging found the club to which Gareth’s strange coin provided entry. With Theed and R0-81t investigating the club itself, Gareth and Da’Echa made their way into a backroom high-stakes game of Sabbac. Despite a tough opposition, the party managed to pull ahead and win the pot several times. Asked “nicely” to leave, Gareth and Da’echa exited back into the club and left with Theed and R0-81t just before the event was over.

Theed did manage to learn more about IsoTech, Reom’s corporation. They are well known for underground tech trading, including custom-built tech. They have a reputation for being expensive but worthwhile.

It was at this point that the session ended, with the PCs on their way to the IsoTech offices to meet with Reom.

Hope I didn’t forget/misremember anything – booze and allergy meds a foggy mind make!
Oh, of course!

Elaiza and Fixer came to an unspoken “agreement”. Fixer paid the party for their work as previously discussed, after which Elaiza suggested that the adventurers leave her and Fixer to discuss further matters. She did not rejoin the group, much to the party’s relief.

Disregard Subtlety, Slaughter Imperials – 26 April 2015

Greetings, Unexpected Mercenaries!

In our session last night the party successfully returned to Bargos following their mine inspection, returning 115,000 credits and receiving a 10% cut for their fine work. This, on top of the cash kept from Bargos in the first place, makes for a fine material reward.

Upon arriving at Bargos’ palace, the party discovered that the Toydarian “consigliere” known as Ganko had recently been captured by Imperials as punishment for Bargos missing a regular payment. Bargos was distraught, an unusual state of mind for a Hutt – even more unusual was that he was willing to admit it. The party has obviously earned his trust and favour. He requested the party figure out exactly where in the Kessel correctional facility Ganko is being held, and return him without delay.

After a brief shopping trip the party opted to engage in a full on assault of the Imperial outpost at which Ganko had been briefly detained. As two of Bargos’ Gammorean pigmen slammed their speeder car into the outpost (and a Stormtrooper), the party initiated their assault through the front door. With the assistance of an overly bold Gammorean and two binary lifter droids being used as shock troops, the party took the outpost in a fine display of absolute carnage and brutality. Though successful in their assault, the party did not emerge unscathed. Several suffered blaster wounds, and our Twilek medic Da’esha took two frag grenades full on in the face resulting in a critical injury. Fortunately R0-81t managed to disable the alarm system with such skill that reinforcements were not alerted.

A quick dive into the computer system revealed that Ganko is being used as forced labour in the spice mines on Kessel, and twice daily is transported via armoured prison train 4B on the asteroid surface. The party also managed to wipe out all electronic record of their presence, with the only witnesses being an Imperial Naval Officer who locked himself in a holding cell for protection, and a strange Bothan captive who fled following Theed’s threat.

Admin Points: No XP this session, but some was just recently given out. New books arrive tomorrow (hopefully) and I’ll be throwing out a quick list of contents so that you guys can ask questions. No game this week as Michelle is out of town, and I’m working constantly.

Thanks for braving the weather last night and making it out – had lots of fun! As usual, I’m happy to answer any questions.

Poison Everything and Win a Race – 26 March 2015

Greetings, Party Bus!

The last session concluded Act 1 of The Jewel of Yavin, with the party winning the Cloud City Grand Prix and securing an invitation (pilots + 2 others) to the Jewel of Yavin Auction.

Theed met with Merl and Pearl Terll and convinced Merl to come out of retirement for one last glorious race. On the promise of 5000 credits base pay upgraded to 20,000 credits upon placing 1st, Merl and Pearl agreed.

With Merl piloting and Theed sitting in as copilot/gunner, the party’s cloud car took off to an early lead around the extremely dangerous course. Having previously sabotaged the Hutt-sponsored vehicle, and then poisoned the MandalMotors team and added a poison aerosol to the air filters of Team Rayzer, the party managed to hang on to their lead without too much trouble. Although their car did take some significant damage, it was nothing compared to the four cars that were destroyed during the race.

Returning triumphantly to cloud city and onto the winner’s podium, Merl Terl and Theed were captured on a huge amount of photo and holovid devices after being mobbed by congratulatory fans.

As for the prize: The invitation to the Figg & Associates Gala was given to Merl and Theed, each with a +2 to bring along guests.  The prize money of 30,000 credits has been promised by the Grand Prix administration, and will be delivered within the week once the appropriate paperwork has been completed.
Prior to the race, the party did some final prep work before the big race and auction, as follows:

1. R0-81T learned about Lobot’s daily schedule, concluding that he should be resting in his quarters between 12-3am on the night of the auction. It also learned the schedule of the mobile banking droids, one of which will likely be needed to slice into the bank following the auction. An astrogation droid was hired via its owner to assist in this slice.

2. Da’Echa secured her place as one of the Cloud City Catering staff for the night of the auction by poisoning one of the regular staff and being called out of “reserve”.

3. Gareth attempted to prepare the wind chute for his descent prior to breaking into the auction house. While he did secure some equipment at the site of the auction house garbage chute (and some floors below), guards standing outside one of the access hatches heard him clanging around and shone their lights in to investigate. He quickly killed the guards by throwing one of Da’Echa’s special poison gas grenades through the access hatch after it was opened by a guard, but not before the alarm was sounded. One or two other poor souls were incapacitated by the gas grenade as well.

As a secondary news story (the Grand Prix is in the spotlight, of course), police bulletins have been issued for a humanoid male of non-specific description following the “Unprovoked Gas Attack” against Cloud City Wing Guard troops on the upper levels of the station. In addition to the two soldiers killed, two civilians were critically wounded in the attack, though names have not yet been released. The news broadcasters have informed the public not to fear, as additional security measures are being put into place to avoid such attacks from happening again.

What’s Next? Act II!
The next session will kick off with any preparation the party can complete within two hours prior to the Gala starting. After that the shindig will begin and it will be up to the group to raise the rid on the Jewel of Yavin to maximize their own profit once the payment is stolen. The party will then need to find out a way to slice the bank servers for the cash and steal the jewel itself, and make their egress.

Merl will also be expecting payment for his participation in the race.
Extra-game actions are limited only to whatever can be done within the two hours between the race and the gala, though I’m happy to take any other questions.

Your fortunately-not-yet-poisoned GM

Get Your Heist On – 19 Mar 2015


Our session yesterday was a reasonably quiet one (no trains exploded), but very productive. The party managed to deliver Ganko to Fixer, though instead of explaining the situation they opted to knock him out and then pack him into a crate for transport.

The stolen ships were traded for a brand new YT-2000 with options. Ligo of Ligo’s Interstellar Emporium drives a hard bargain, but the party walked away in good spirits. An unexpected result, though, was learning Theed’s last name which seemed oddly familiar to Ligo and some of the party members.

Having followed Fixer’s guidance, the party met Aris Shen in Cloud City over the planet Bespin. She was being followed by her (mobster) husband’s goons, but thanks to a clumsy R0-81t the party managed to slip the goons and meet up with Aris. She led them to a well-appointed apartment, at which point she introduced them to Arend Shen, her father.

Arend explained the details of the job for which the PCs were commissioned – stealing the Jewel of Yavin, a fist-sized corusca gem up for auction in the next few days at the Figg & Associates auction house. He explained that the only way to get into the auction as bidders is to win the coveted Cloud City Grand Prix, a cloud-car race attracting huge tourism and promotional income. He provided the party with a police-surplus Storm IV Cloud Car. Preparation for the race remains, as the party still has to upgrade their car (if they so choose), sabotage their opponents, and perhaps hire a better pilot.

Stealing the gem is only half of the heist, however. The party is also instructed to slice the auction houses computer systems before the auction begins, with the effect of diverting payment for the gem into off-world accounts opened by Arend Shen. R0-81t spent some time building computer spikes and sampling bank encryption just for this purpose, which should give it a boost when it comes to the actual slicing operation.

The party has done an initial casing of the auction house, with Gareth managing to break into the auction room and the garbage disposal closet without being noticed by security. The patrol pattern of the security droid has also been noted. He has also managed to convince an Ugnaught architect within the construction guilds to provide him a replica of the auction house plans in exchange for 600 credits. This is to be delivered the following day.

Da’echa has discovered that food services for the auction will be provided by Cloud City Catering, and after charming the business manager she has been placed on the reserve staff roster. It’s unlikely she will be picked up to join the crew, unless some unfortunate circumstance should befall one of the existing catering staff.

Theed in the mean time paid visit to the Podracer’s Retirement, a seedy bar within the Port Town levels of the station. It’s there that he was directed to Ol’ Sav, a retired racer with a need for…. booze. The old man was paid well enough to recommend a couple of potential cloud car pilots – an experience pilot prohibited from racing by his wife following a near-fatal racing accident, and a young hotshot at the top of the amateur circuit trying to break into the big leagues. It was also suggested that the party visit Honest (somethings) Cloud Cars for supplies.

It’s at this point that the heist planning must continue, with following main goals:

1. Prepare for and win the Cloud City Grand Prix
2. Prepare the slicing shop for financial theft, and execute the slice prior to the auction.
3. Determine a method by which the Jewel of Yavin will be stolen following its sale at the auction, and execute that theft.
4. Escape Cloud City with cash in hand, hopefully without drawing attention of the Cloud City Wing Guard or the local organized crime rings.

Any questions or actions, let me know. Unless it’s something you want to do in secret, include everyone in this email chain.

The Train Job – 9 March 2015

The session yesterday was a great one, in which the party robbed a train and made new friends. A recap follows, please excuse typos:

After successfully canvassing patrons of a bar for information regarding the Imperial prison train, Gareth and Da’echa exited the establishment into an alleyway only to be confronted by a large Devaronian man who greeted Gareth by name. Assuming him to be a bounty hunter, Gareth drew his vibrosword and charged, only to have the sword shot from his hand by a distance sniper following by a swift kick to the chest from the Devaronian. After requesting a moment of their time, the Devaronian (who introduced himself as “Fixer”, a Black Sun handler) lead Gareth and Da’echa back into the bar. He told them that he was aware of their exploits, and had eyes on them for some time. He then “suggested” that the party bring Ganko back to the Black Sun instead of to the Hutts, as the local Hutt territory would soon be a point of contention. Reluctantly, the pair agreed to this offer whilst Theed and R0-81T remained on their ships awaiting departure.

After dropping the miners from Gavos off on a nearby planet and docking their secondary ship, the party made their way to Kessel to being the rescue. Successfully making their way to the planet surface undetected, the party spotted the armoured prison train consisting of an engine car, three passenger cars, and a turret. As Gareth flipped on the radio jammers and positioned the ship overhead, Theed took a prepared shot at the coupling between the turret car and the rest of the train from his ventral turret position. After a brief firefight exchange between Theed and the turret car, the coupling broke and the turret car began to lag behind. The ship was then repositioned by Gareth, and Theed succeded in breaking the coupling of the engine car, which promptly sped up in an effort to make it to help leaving the rest of the train cruising along on its own.

Meanwhile, R0-81T and Da’echa prepared themselves for the drop down from the ships cargo area to the train. Opening the cargo hatch and successfully planting an end of the rope onto the roof of the train, we learned what happens when a group of relatively poor athletes attempts to fast-rope down a 40′ drop between two vehicles moving at excessive speeds.

Da’echa dropped first, and I do mean “dropped”. She lost grip on the rope and plummeted to the roof of the car, only barely managing to hold onto the train and avoid toppling over the edge. Following this performance, R0-81T attempted the drop and became tangled in the line halfway down, requiring it to take further actions to untangle itself and complete the descent. Fortunately, the two did eventually manage to make it down without too much bloodshed, and began their infiltration of the car.

While the first two members of the boarding party worked at unlocking the roof hatch, Theed took blaster shots from the cargo bay at a Stormtrooper who had popped from the hatch of the rear car and started shooting at the party. After shooting the trooper, another appeared at which point Theed fumbled his blaster causing it to fall from the cargo bay to the ground. At was at this time that Theed moved back to the ventral gun turret, blowing the locked hatch door from the second car and vaporizing the Stormtrooper who had appeared on the third.

Following this, Theed decided to join the boarding party, but became caught up in the rope during his descent and requiring an additional action to complete the drop.

All of this of course was made possible by Gareth’s stunning display of close-quarters piloting, demonstrating nerves of steel even as a canyon wall quickly approached.

As the train entered the canyon and Gareth pulled the ship up to safety, R0-81T and Da’echa found themselves in a close quarter battle from the roof of the first car as they attempted to take out the guards. After some blasters were fired and vibroknives were brandished, the pair dropped a stun grenade into the car which allowed them the time required for entry. A single stormtrooper remained in the back of the car, but was quickly dispatched by a vicious stab from Da’echa.

While the Twi’lek and the droid searched for Ganko in car #1, Theed took a running leap across the gap to the roof of car #2. He was met on the roof by a Stormtrooper, and after a quick hand-to-hand fight atop the roof of the moving train car, Theed stabbed the trooper and tossed him back down into the car. Just as R0-81T and Da’echa stepped through the door into the car, Theed jumped down atop the dead Stormtrooper who had fallen onto his still-breathing comrade, trapping the soldier under several hundred pounds of dead trooper and live adventurer.

It was in this car that Ganko was found, and the party quickly unbound him and attached him to a harness.

During this pitched melee, Gareth managed to catch up to the runaway train engine before it could summon reinforcements. As he had no access to the guns from the pilot seat, Gareth took decisive action. Flying the ship just meters from the planetary surface, Gareth sideswiped the train car with such force that it was sent tumbling across the desert plain, ejecting Stormtroopers through its rapidly deteriorating walls.

The boarding party made it back to the roof just in time to see this, at which point they were picked up by Gareth and the party was on their way into orbit.

Having picked up their second ship nearby the party made contact with Fixer who instructed them to meet on Ord Mantell, a Corellian colony known for being a scoundrel’s paradise. The party is now on this journey, which will take about week in hyperspace travel.

Extra-game actions: Anything you can do on your ship. This includes gear maintenance, gear modification, healing, training, holonet surfing – whatever. Just let me know what you would like to do.

Next Game Session: I’m thinking Sunday evening again, if that works for everyone.

Your continuously astonished GM.